Oklahoma-based Savoy Leather has released the “Path of the Righteous” holster. Named after a quote from a popular movie, this stylish holster is handcrafted from fine American heavy leather, hand molded to the specific gun model and dyed in a custom color such as light brown, red, black, blue, purple and more. In addition, these holsters have an average 15° forward cant and are available in left and right handed versions. The Path of the Righteous holster is available for handguns from a number of different gun makers, including Beretta, Chiappa, Glock, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, Taurus and Walther. The suggested retail price is $119.99. For an additional $25, Savoy Leather will add a mag slot to your holster.

To learn more about the Path of the Righteous holster, visit http://www.savoyleather.com.


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  • ordersixty6

    Been wanting one of his wonderful works for awhile now. Oh, and it’s pronounced “Sav-Wah”…

    • idburns

      They way they pronounce their name is really obnoxious.