Las Vegas: Armed Citizen Takes Down Hit And Run Suspect

An armed citizen prevented a hit and run suspect from fleeing the scene of the crime in Las Vegas earlier this week.

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An armed citizen prevented a man from fleeing the scene of a hit and run accident in Las Vegas earlier this week.

According to, 31-year-old Matthew Shaykin hit a pedestrian near the corner of Maverick St. and Smoke Ranch Road and attempted to drive away. Fortunately, a good guy with a gun, later identified as Brandon Francis, happened to be nearby in his vehicle.

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In a video recorded by a bystander,  Francis can be seen drawing his gun and making a citizen’s arrest of Shaykin. He described the events leading up to the takedown.

“I went to cut him off, and he still went to go, so that’s when I jumped out of my car and drew my firearm and was like you need to get the heck out of the car,” Francis said.  “I have all rights to do a citizen’s arrest because he’s doing a hit and run and he could have just killed that guy, so I drew my firearm not only in my self-defense but in everyone else’s self-defense that was at that intersection.”

As reports, police arrived shortly thereafter, disarmed Francis and determined what happened with the assistance of other witnesses on the scene.

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Francis will not face any charges stemming from the incident. Shaykin, meanwhile, is facing felony hit and run charges. His victim suffered a number of broken bones and is currently recovering in an area hospital.

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