MGM Targets Announces HexPlate Hex Shaped Targets

Made of premium AR-500 steel, the innovation and development of the HexPlate reaffirms MGM Targets' leadership role for reliable steel targets and firearm training systems.

Photo by MGM Targets

The following is a press release from MGM Targets

MGM Targets is proud to introduce its HexPlate™ hexagon shape target plates. Made of the same premium AR-500 steel MGM has built its reputation on, the innovation and development of the HexPlate™ reaffirms MGM Targets’ leadership role for reliable steel targets and firearm training systems to support the military, law enforcement, competitive and sport shooter communities.

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Through ongoing innovation and development, MGM is transitioning all its round targets to HexPlate™ and provide the consumer with 13 percent larger targets when compared to same size round targets and at no additional cost. Additionally, the HexPlate™ has been officially adopted by the USPSA for competition use.

All shooters will see the immediately recognizable MGM hex logo shape and know it as a genuine MGM Targets product, synonymous with quality, reliability and value. Of course, all manufacturing processes continue in the Caldwell, Idaho facility for MGM’s complete catalog of American-made products.

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MGM Targets of Caldwell, Idaho is America’s largest steel target manufacturer for pistol and rifle – Providing premium firearms training equipment to discerning customers around the world since 1992.

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