VIDEO: Is This Road Rage Shooting Justified Self-Defense?

An apparent road rage incident left one person dead — but should the shooting be considered justifiable self-defense or not?

A recent video released to YouTube via the Sheepdog Network shows an apparent road rage incident that left one man dead — the difficulty comes from defining whether or not the shooting was done in self-defense.

In the video, a man pulls into a parking lot while a second man pulls in behind him, blocking him in.

The second man then retrieves a wooden bat or club and attacks the first man’s car. A third man comes over to calm the situation and while the second man stops swinging his club for a moment, the first man pulls out a gun and shoots him.

After the shooting, it is tough to tell, but more shots may have been fired after the second man fell to the ground. offers this perspective:

A prosecutor or grand jury may view this tape and understand why the driver of the light-colored car took the distraction offered by the [third man] to launch his counterattack. Depending on the jurisdiction, they may hold that this first shot fired into [the man with the club] from a seated position inside the car was fired in self-defense.

Then again, they could just as easily argue that since [the man with the club] had lowered his weapon and turned away to address a third man attempting to incede as a peacemaker, that the deadly-force threat had ended and the firing of the first shot was not legally justified.

Watch the video above and make your ruling on the video.

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