Concealed Carry Permit Holder Takes Down Armed Robber in Detroit

A concealed carry permit holder protected himself and his girlfriend from an armed robber threatening them in Detroit's west side.

concealed carry permit detroit
Photo by WDIV

An armed robber tried to hold up a restaurant on Detroit’s west side, only to come face-to-face with a concealed carry permit holder who didn’t hesitate to take him down.

A customer identified by only as Dennis said he and his girlfriend, Latanya, were in the E&S Carry Out Shrimp Shack at around 5:45 p.m. looking to grab some food when suddenly the bad guy rushed in with a gun drawn.

He started demanding money from everyone in the restaurant, and pointed a gun in Latanya’s face.

Dennis, Latanya and another customer threw their money and wallets on the floor.

That’s when Dennis saw an opening.

“When I saw he had the gun in her face, and I threw my wallet down and keys, he turned to look and get the money, that’s when I lit him up,” Dennis said.

Dennis shot the armed robber once in the stomach. He then kicked the would-be robber’s gun away and tended to him until the authorities arrived.

Police confirmed that Dennis is licensed to carry a handgun and acted in self-defense.

“It wasn’t a plan. It was just instinct. He had the gun in my girl’s face,” Dennis said of the incident.

He also added that while he wishes he “feels” for the suspect — even stating he would have given him money if he had just asked for it — he said he was left with no choice but to pull the trigger.

“Even though you give them everything, they’ll still shoot you, and I wasn’t going out like that,” Dennis said.

As it turns out, the gun the suspect used in the attempted robbery wasn’t even loaded.

Dennis said the incident could serve as a lesson to all would-be robbers out there thinking of trying something like this.

“Don’t let the gray hair fool you,” he warned. “We’re all walking around out here … some of us (are) strapped, some of us not, but you don’t know who’s who,” he said.

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