VIDEOS: Brazilian Armed Robber Targets Store Full of Off-Duty Cops, Pays the Price

An armed robber was shot and killed by a group of off-duty police officers at a convenience store in Brazil. Watch the wild footage here.

brazilian armed robber
Photo by LiveLeak

A Brazilian armed robber made the very unfortunate mistake of targeting a store where the only customers happened to be off-duty cops. It didn’t end well for him.

Concealed Nation has unearthed a pair of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) videos posted to LiveLeak which shows four men inside a convenience store in Brazil waiting to buy their items, when a man suddenly walks in, draws his gun and presumably—there’s no audio and even if there were, we don’t speak Portuguese—starts demanding money.

At that point, one of the four men slyly moves toward the back of the store, pulls out a gun of his own, and opens fire. The other three men immediately follow suit, dropping the bad guy to the ground.

It’s unknown if the failed armed robber survived the shooting.

The videos are particularly remarkably given the fact that—as Concealed Nation notes—it’s illegal for citizens to carry firearms with them in Brazil. Sources told Concealed Nation that everybody in the store were police officers. Talk about bad luck for the bad guy.

Watch the videos below to see it all go down from a couple of different angles.

[h/t Breitbart]

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