Glock Autopistols

  • Norfolk, VA PD’s GLOCK 21 Gen4 Firepower

    Protecting the East Coast’s busiest port, the Norfolk PD opts for the added punch provided by the GLOCK 21 Gen4!

  • Kentucky State Police SRT GLOCKs

    The Kentucky State Police Special Response Team (SRT) keeps the peace with their duty-proven G35s and G27s!

  • Philippines: GLOCK Nation

    To protect its shores, the Philippine National Police have made the largest pistol purchase in the history of GLOCK, Inc.—over 74,000 G17s!

  • St. Johns County, Fla. Sheriff’s Office Adopts the GLOCK

    On land and sea, GLOCK and the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office defend the oldest community in the country!

  • Diplomacy Through GLOCK Training

    At the 2013 GLOCK America Workshop, 13 nations united in the pursuit of a better working knowledge of the world’s greatest handgun!

  • Cramerton PD Adopts the GLOCK 22 Gen4 .40 Pistol

    North Carolina’s Cramerton PD is making the leap to the next generation in autopistol firepower—the GLOCK 22 Gen4!

  • Alaska State Troopers and Their New GLOCK 22 Gen4

    Where the going is tough, so are the troopers—and so is the Alaska State Trooper’s new sidearm, the .40S&W GLOCK 22 Gen4!