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About Combat Handguns

COMBAT HANDGUNS is America’s definitive handguns magazine. For over 40 years, COMBAT HANDGUNS has delivered to the American firearms enthusiast breaking news and reviews of the latest and greatest pistols and gear (tested and evaluated by some of the country’s most esteemed gun writers) as well as shooting tips, close-combat tactics, interviews, profiles and coverage of the country’s ever-volatile legal landscape. In each issue, you’ll find:

  • COMBAT TESTS: Eight exhaustive and stunningly photographed reviews of the world’s finest and most exciting handguns!
  • IT HAPPENED TO ME: True-life tales of readers exercising their right to self-defense!
  • SELF-DEFENSE & THE LAW: Massad Ayoob’s look at the legalities of owning and using handguns!
  • LADIES ONLY: Coverage of the guns, gear and issues that matter to the country’s fastest-growing firearms demographic!
  • STREET SMARTS: Professional-grade tactics to keep you alive—and help you prevail—in a deadly encounter!

And much, much more! Published eight times per year, COMBAT HANDGUNS magazine is THE essential companion to any person who owns, or is thinking of owning, a hand-held firearm.

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