Combat Handguns May 2014

Glock’s Next-Gen G41, G30S and G42 | VIDEO

The New Glock Next-Gen Defenders: each uniquely capable to offer the user an unbeatable, versatile array of self-defense firepower. Read More

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Sig Sauer P516 5.56mm AR-Style Pistol | Gun Review

The Sig Sauer P516 AR-Style Pistol delivers 30+1 rounds of 5.56mm power in a compact and controllable package. Equipped with an Aimpoint Micro H-1 red-dot sight and Sig Sauer’s optional SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace, which slips over the buffer tube and offers support for the pistol by bracing the shooter’s forearm.
Steyr M40 A1

Steyr Arms M40-A1 .40 Caliber Handgun

The Steyr M40-A1 handgun delivers the respected company’s well-known quality in a high-performance .40-cal. package. With its 12+1 rounds of firepower, ultra-advanced ergonomics, wear-resistant Mannox finish and integral rail, the pistol stands ready for duty.

Stealthy .22s | Element 2 Suppressor

Aside from dampening the pistol’s sound signature, a suppressor adds significantly to the pistol’s overall length, absorbing recoil and making it a useful tool for teaching muzzle awareness.

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