Less Lethal

  • Ruger’s Less-Lethal Lifesavers

    Protect yourself with Ruger’s lineup of less-lethal personal defense weapons, pepper sprays and stun guns.

  • The Fighting Cane | Tactical Alley

    Swung with intent, a cane can be a very effective and powerful self-defense weapon.

  • Tactical Alley | Suntetsu Defense – Pocket Stick

    The Suntetsu applies ancient pocket stick technology to modern self-defense.

  • Taser’s Flashlight StrikeLight

  • Taser’s C2 Gold Kit | VIDEO

  • Pepperalarm’s RS101 Alarm System | VIDEO

    The Pepperalarm RS101 alarm system provides instant protection from would-be robbers.

  • Preview: The Fighting Cane

    How to turn the traditional walking aid into a powerful self-defense weapon.