Less Lethal

  • The Striking Distance Stun Gun is a ‘Hand-Held Nightmare’

    Described by Damsel in Defense as a “hand-held nightmare,” the Striking Distance stun gun is a 6 million volts stun gun that is 12-inches long.

  • Go ‘Hardcore’ with Damsel in Defense Pepper Spray

    Damsel in Defense offers personal defense products for women, including pepper spray designed to take down an attacker while keeping a safe distance.

  • The Portable, Concealable Inner City Defense Pencil

    The Inner City Defense Pencil is a portable and concealable weapon which enables the user to surprise, intimidate, subdue and defeat an attacker.

  • Ruger’s Less-Lethal Lifesavers

    Protect yourself with a diverse lineup of pepper sprays and stun guns from Ruger!

  • Sabre Red Pepper Gel Formula for Indoor & Outdoor Use

    Sabre Red Pepper gel, which contains the same ingredients as Sabre’s regular pepper spray, is not as easily dispersed by wind.

  • SABRE’s Red Maximum Strength Pepper Spray

    The most popular key case contains SABRE Red’s Maximum Strength formula offering immediate access to your pepper spray when keys are in a lock or car ignition via the Quick Release Key Ring.

  • SABRE’s Compact Stun Gun

    Defend yourself from a distance with the SABRE Stun Gun!