Being a competitive shooter, I have had the opportunity to see many amazing things. One of the greatest things I have ever seen is when a junior shooter gets the opportunity to start competing. I was very fortunate to start shooting at 11 years old, and I know how wonderful it is to have shooting as a part of your life. While shooting, I had to learn responsibility, the value of hard work, the joy of winning and the difficult lesson of continuing on after a defeat. Over the years, I have met many impressive juniors. Some of these amazing top guns are—Sam Fields (age 14), Edward Reyna (age 15), Jacob Hetherington (age 14), Daniel Riordan (age 16), and Cameron Jones (age 12)—took the time to talk to me about their accomplishments, goals and passion for shooting.

QUESTION: Hello Sam, Edward, Jacob, Daniel and Cameron. Thank you for taking the time to interview with us. Can you share how you first got into competitive shooting? Why do you like it?

SAM FIELDS: I was introduced to the practical shooting sport four years ago and have been shooting a GLOCK the whole time. My dad had been shooting IPSC for many years and saw potential in me. I love the sport and the adrenaline rush that you get in a stage, as well as all the great friends I’ve made. I hope to take my shooting to the next level soon.

EDWARD REYNA: I have been shooting competitively since January 2010. I shoot USPSA, IDPA, and 3-Gun with my GLOCK 34. My favorite thing about being a shooting athlete is being able to see myself getting better at it while learning from those friends who have helped me since I began shooting. I also like making new friends from all over the country through competitions, even the recent junior shooter camp I attended in Idaho.

JACOB HETHERINGTON: My dad has been shooting for years, and when I was 10 he took me to a match. I started with my mom’s GLOCK 19 because it fit my hand the best, and after that match, I was hooked. I only shot a few matches that year and the next, but when I was 12, I started competing more at our club. My favorite thing about shooting is shooting fast and hitting the target. Also, I like the time I get to spend with my family and my friends at the range. It is just really great that the whole family can enjoy the sport.

DANIEL RIORDAN: I started shooting six years ago when I was 10 years old. My family rented a summer beach house that got the Outdoors Channel, and since it was a particularly hot summer, I watched it a lot. I got hooked on the shooting sports, so my parents bought me a Daisy air rifle. Things moved quickly from there. That Christmas, I got my first .22, and several other firearms followed shortly thereafter, including my GLOCK 22. Since then I have started competing around the country, mostly in 3-Gun competitions. My favorite part of shooting, and more specifically, shooting competitions, is the adrenaline rush. It heightens the senses, increases your speed, and if you can control it, improves your accuracy by helping you focus solely on your target while still being able to maintain all of the fundamentals of shooting.

CAMERON JONES: I started out watching my dad shooting in competitions at Casa Range. I told my dad that I wanted to start shooting. I was 11 at the time. He started me off in Steel Challenge. I shot that for about nine months. Then I started shooting USPSA and IDPA. I have been shooting them for about three months. Then, after shooting in those for a while, I went to the MGM Junior Shooters Camp in Parma, Idaho. My favorite thing about shooting is the people. They are so willing to help you and even let you borrow equipment. The guys at my range show me what I am doing wrong in order to help me improve. I also like the shooting sport because my family and I do it together. We have a blast shooting together. It is also a great sport for meeting new friends. They do not judge you on how you look or where you came from, they only care that you shoot safely.

Q: What is your favorite GLOCK and why?

SAM FIELDS: My favorite GLOCK is the G35. My dad got me started with a GLOCK 34 and I shot that gun every week for three years and didn’t clean it once. I never had a malfunction in a single match. After three years of Production, my dad and I decided that it was time for me to move up into Limited class with a GLOCK 35. I love the idea of a GLOCK because it will run no matter what you do to it. It is the most dependable pistol I have ever shot. These guns are also very easy to work on, when needed.EDWARD REYNA: I love my GLOCK 34 because it is reliable and accurate. I would rather shoot a GLOCK over any other gun.

JACOB HETHERINGTON: Our family owns a GLOCK 19, G31, G26 and G35, but I like my G34 the best. I saved up all my birthday and Christmas money to buy my own GLOCK, which I have been shooting for the past year. I have had the opportunity to shoot a lot of different guns, but I just love my GLOCK. It is so reliable, easy to use and simple to keep clean.

DANIEL RIORDAN: In all my competitions, I shoot my GLOCK 22 chambered in .40. I shoot a GLOCK because of its reliability, consistency and accuracy. Whenever I pull the trigger on my GLOCK, I know that the bullet is going to hit exactly where I want it, every time.

CAMERON JONES: My favorite GLOCK is a G17. I like GLOCK because it is a very reliable gun and because of the fact that police officers and competitive shooters around the country use them every day.

I would like to challenge everyone to get a junior involved with shooting. It will teach them so many wonderful lessons and it will help keep our sport and Second Amendment rights alive. Go juniors!

Thank you all for sharing your experiences with the readers! We wish you the best in 2012.

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