For the 28th year since it’s creation, the GLOCK semi-automatic pistol continues to be the most popular firearm depicted in Hollywood. The personal choice of movie superstars and behind-the-scenes crew, GLOCK continues its dominance with appearances in the most watched projects of the year.

GLOCK was an integral part of the joke in last year’s Cop Out, a police comedy directed by Kevin Clerks Smith, starring Die Hard star and real life GLOCK owner Bruce Willis and comedian Tracey Morgan as a pair of crazy New York Police Department detectives. The wild action comedy featured some insanely terrible gun safety by the detective played by Morgan, including an interrogation scene with a suspect while holding a GLOCK 19 at the man’s throat and points it at Seann William Scott while the man is detained in the back of their unmarked car. Egregious gun handling aside (this is Hollywood, what do we expect?) the GLOCK 19 was so integral to the character that the gun and brand even made it onto the poster and commercials for the film, where the advertising tag line was, “Rock out with your GLOCK out.”

From the ridiculous to the sublime, catch the Academy Award Oscar-winning best picture The Hurt Locker on DVD or cable and you’ll see Ralph Fiennes as a private contractor in Iraq with his GLOCK 23. Fiennes, the star of Schindler’s List, the excellent hitman drama In Brugges and Lord Voldemort in the “Harry Potter” movies, is no stranger to the GLOCK 23 as he also carried one as he ran for his life in the memory-swapping futuristic thriller Strange Days. In the Hannibal Lector prequel Red Dragon, Fiennes was a particularly nasty fellow with a suppressed GLOCK 17.

If you like guns and comic book movies and didn’t get to the theaters to see Kick-Ass last summer, you really missed something, including the ultra-cute Hit Girl played by Chloe Moretz taking out dozens of armed Mafia hitmen, one with his own G17.

Angelina Jolie sure does love GLOCKs. She lit up the screen with her G18 in the family hit man actioner Mr. & Mrs. Smith and hit last summer’s multiplexes as a CIA agent who has to go on the run when she is accused of being a Russian spy in Salt. Any GLOCK aficionado worth their salt knows that when Angelina shares the scene with the Austrian super gun it’s hard to know where to look!

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg were packing GLOCKs as New York detectives in the comedy The Other Guys about two screw-ups who try to make it to top spot in the department. A cop who was NOT a screw up was Buford Pusser. I finally caught up with the remake of Walking Tall, starring former wrestler turned movie star “Rock” Duane Johnson in the title role taking on a rural town full of drug dealers. In this updating of the 1970’s classic, Johnson’s Sheriff Chris Vaughn trades in his big stick for a GLOCK 17. The Rock found himself on the wrong side of government Black Ops armed with GLOCK pistols looking to suppress UFO evidence in the excellent family action film Race to Witch Mountain.

Stunning Kate Beckinsale traded in the shiny leather werewolf-hunting outfit she wore in two Underworld movies for extreme cold weather gear and a matte-black GLOCK for White Out. Kate plays a hot U.S. Marshal sent to frigid Antarctica to investigate the first murder on that continent. She’s got three days to catch the killer before the darkness of winter sets in. One thing she’s got going for her is a pistol that doesn’t care what the temperature is—her GLOCK will work!

Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne finally came to his senses and used a GLOCK in The Bourne Ultimatum. Bourne runs from GLOCK 19 toting operatives in Europe before getting to NY and picking up a G17 of his own. In a movie that hopes to finally explain Bourne’s road to becoming a spy, flashbacks to Bourne’s training show him run through his paces with a GLOCK 17.

I guess some bad guys never saw The Road Warrior or Braveheart or they would have learned not to mess with Mel Gibson. In Edge of Darkness, Gibson plays Thomas Craven, a veteran Boston homicide detective whose 24-year-old daughter is killed on the front steps of his home. With his GLOCK 19 in hand, Gibson tracks his daughter’s killers into a shadowy world of corporate corruption and government-sanctioned murder.

I believe the GLOCK may have been the result of divine inspiration and it makes its way onto the side of the real Angels in the action thriller Legion. The Archangel Michael helps man make a last stand against a legion of Angels come to earth to go to war on mankind with swords and GLOCKs. Swords and GLOCKs? Sounds like heaven.

It wasn’t all deadly serious combat on the big screen this year. GLOCK autopistols made their ways into the action-themed mall security comedy Observe and Report starring Seth Knocked Up Rogan. A GLOCK 23 rode in the holster of legitimate Police Detective Ray Goodfellas Liotta as he faced down Rogan’s deluded mall cop. Martial Arts legend Jackie Chan, star of this year’s Karate Kid remake, almost met his match when he faced down dozens of GLOCK autopistols in the espionage/babysitting/action film The Spy Next Door. Chan proudly carried a GLOCK 17 when he played Chinese inspector Lee in the Rush Hour movie and its two sequels.

On the small screen GLOCK pistols dominated the airwaves as the standard issue of New York based television (and real life) police including the CTU operatives in 24, the Detectives in CSI: NY and all the incarnations of NBC’s Manhattan Police Law and Order shows.
TNT viewers tune in regularly to see Kyra Sedgewick continue as TV’s toughest female deputy chief in The Closer with her GLOCK 26 at her side. A GLOCK 17 turned up on the real-life gun rights activist Tom Selleck’s TV movie Jesse Stone: Thin Ice as well as the many issue GLOCKs in Selleck’s new TV series Blue Bloods about New York cops. Special agents investigating events beyond the Fringe face down the supernatural threats from parallel dimensions with a firm grip on their GLOCK pistols including G17s, G19s and G26s.

As long as free people around the world and those that are tasked with keeping that freedom choose GLOCK above all others, GLOCKs will continue to star in movies, television and new media!

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For the 28th year since it’s creation, the GLOCK semi-automatic pistol continues to be…