As a security-conscious homeowner, you’ve probably invested in a number of upgrades to your homes security: strong locks, a few safes, an alarm system, maybe even a weapon.

But what about when you’re not at the house? What if you’re miles away, on holiday, out of earshot from a rattling doorknob or beeping alarm?

Enter the SmartThings, a fully customizable home control system. Using the SmartThings, you can fully control your domain from miles away, using your iPhone or Android device.

The SmartThings boasts a whole host of features, plenty of which apply to the security-conscious:

Have your TV and lights turn on and off in lifelike patterns, randomly, or even respond to sensors – to make it look like someone is home when you’re away. The first step of home security is making yourself seem like a less-enticing target. The bad guys are hardly likely to intrude if they’re certain someone’s constantly at home – and the lifelike patterns this system imitates is a far cry from timers that turn the lights on at the same time, every day – an obvious giveaway.

Monitor drawers and cabinets that contain precious or dangerous items with the “My Stuff is Secure” SmartApp: You can designate specific locations to monitor with the SmartThings – whether it be your gun safe, your drawer of family heirlooms, or your cabinet full of vintage Michael Jackson memorabilia (hey now, we don’t judge).

You can lock and unlock doors remotely – enabling you to lock your front door if you forgot to on the way out, or to lock, say, your bedroom door should the motion sensors pick up a presence in the house.

The SmartThings also comes with motion and presence detectors as standard: which allows you to call the police to make a quiet arrest, should a criminal have breached your layers of security

The SmartThings is still being developed, but interested parties can back the project over at Everyone who chips in $175 or more will receive a SmartThings device when the product launches.

If you’re impatient, there’s a wealth of similar, albeit less sophisticated devices on the market already. Lowes offers the Iris, a slightly more proprietary system than the SmartThings, complete with a “Safe & Secure Package.” This contains contact sensors for windows and cabinets, motion sensors, and a keypad to place on your front door.

While the Iris is less customizable than the SmartThings proclaims to be, it’s simple to set up, has a specific security focus, and at $179 has a very similar price point.

Both, though, seem to be adequate tools to secure your house. Look out for more coverage on these products at

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