Watch the video of Tori competing at the IPSC World Shoot XVII below!

Team GLOCK members prepare for matches with focused discipline and planning so every shot downrange, every footfall, every reload and every angle to each target has been integrated into a winning firing solution to project a successful outcome. Team GLOCK’s Tori Nonaka embodies this championship-winning mindset.

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After an extremely successful season, Tori Nonaka took home the silver for Team USA and Team GLOCK from the IPSC World Shoot XVII, which could be accurately described as the Olympics of action shooting. The World Shoot is held every three years to determine who the best action shooters in the world are through head-to-head competition. This year, over 1,300 shooters competed from countries all over the world. Held only every three years, this year’s World Shoot XVII ended with Tori Nonaka using her purple GLOCK 34 to take second place in the Ladies Standard Division for Team USA, with the best overall score of any of her competing teammates, who included Randi Rogers and Carina Randolph.

The 2014 IPSC World Shoot was hosted by the United States at the Universal Shooting Academy in Polk County, near Frostproof, Florida. Competitors engage dozens of stages over several days, with each stage varying by its complexity, number of targets and difficulty. Since only the best practical shooters compete, the winners of the World Shoot can rightfully claim the title of World Champions, so taking home the gold, silver or bronze from this competition is for shooters like winning the World Cup, World Series and Super Bowl all at once. After thanking GLOCK for its support, Tori Nonaka said, “I have shot two World Shoots [before] and have collected two individual silver and two team gold medals against the top competition in the world. Congratulations to Hilde Nakling [from Norway, who took the gold], Randi Rogers [who took bronze] and all the other great women who shot a superb match, and I look forward to our next competition.”

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