Let’s face it: There is a certain satisfaction in seeing criminals suffer the consequences of their actions. When I heard about the Burglar Blaster, my first thought was that it needed a camera attached to the system to not only help law enforcement but also increase my enjoyment.

With traditional alarm systems, when burglars set off the monitored alarm they still have several minutes to grab what they can and get away before police show up, but the Burglar Blaster doesn’t afford that luxury. This system, which is available in several varieties, is a self-contained, electronic, infrared, pepper-spray land mine that, when activated, will spray up to a 4,000-square-foot area. The units can be easily installed in any room or inside a storage area or safe. The IR detector senses the intruder’s body heat up to 100 feet from the front of the sensor and emits a disorienting, high-frequency warning tone. Alternatively one of the units can be activated by trip wire.

The 4- to 6-ounce aerosol cans inside the unit (each of which can contain one to four cans) completely discharge their contents of OC Pepper spray in 25 seconds. Since the unit is battery-powered there is no concern during power outages or need for a power outlet. And the Burglar Blaster can be easily reloaded with new cans of pepper spray. As a precaution, the Burglar Blaster should not be placed near shared ventilation units or inside confined spaces like vehicles or aircraft. Clean up, however, is easy with normal household products, and any room is safe to reenter after a few hours. For more information, visit or call 509-624-2555.

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Let’s face it: There is a certain satisfaction in seeing criminals suffer the consequences…