The 20th Anniversary of the California Auto has been made by California Knives of Visalia, California since late 1992. It’s convenient, very compact, and all parts and components are American made. It’s a quality product of superior design, assembled by hand by experienced American craftsmen using top quality materials. Its easy automatic one-handed operation makes it a natural for outdoorsmen, fishermen, mechanics, law enforcement, EMT’s, craftsmen-and women concerned about breaking their fingernails. And its California Legal-The California Knives comes with a blade of less than two inches in length, and are legal in most states. Current price is $149.00 + S&H.

In 1973 Boyd Britt started his own die casting business called Visalia Manufacturing, Inc., Visalia, California. In late 1993, one of his former employees Rocky Moser, who just passed-away in 2011, was a knife designer and custom knife maker collaborated with Boyd on the predecessor of the current California Auto. It was originally a liner-locking mechanism and not an auto. Smith and Wesson had expressed a very strong interest in the knife but only as an auto. Rocky and Boyd quickly took advantage of the opportunity to methodically rework and redesign the entire mechanism that made it an auto. Shortly afterward, Smith and Wesson placed a very large order through Visalia Manufacturing, Inc. and immediately put the company into full production on the California Auto and has since become California Knives, Inc.

Quality and Craftsmanship. The blade is 154CM Stainless Steel treated to a 58-60 Rockwell hardness and custom imprinted with the 20th Anniversary and California Knives company logo. The switching mechanism employs a fully supported through the blade; nine-coil spring that is so reliable “The California Auto” comes with a lifetime warranty. The knives have mechanically superior components and are housed in a handsome, durable handle. It consists of a scale of Dymondwood® (a high-quality laminated hardwood) and a bolster of Zytel® (a tough vinyl plastic), which is available in four-color choices-an attractive complement for the rich Dymondwood® finishes. The brushed chrome finish on the zinc trigger is another added feature.

For more information on the California Knives 20th Anniversary models or to place an order call Boyd at 559-967-5575 or go to their website at

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The 20th Anniversary of the California Auto has been made by California Knives of…