You’ll never go wrong when you attach a light to your self-defense shotgun. Identifying your threat is critical, especially in your home where family members are present. Over the years, many methods for mounting light have been developed. They include railed forends, rails on extension tubes and other ingenious methods. But the best method has always been integrating a light into a forend, particularly on pump guns. Integrated lights are more solid and easier to operate while eliminating any lights hanging off the gun. The only real problem with them has been the cost: Retailing for over $500 each, they can exceed the price of the shotgun itself. However, EOTech has developed an alternative for roughly half that cost.

The Integrated Forend Light uses an integrated LED light for rugged and consistent operation. At 120 lumens it is perfect as a weapons light. Ambidextrous pressure pads provide for constant-on, momentary or strobe activation. The grip is slim, trim, comfortable and well integrated. No gunsmithing is required to replace the existing forend, and installing one on my Mossberg 590A1 took less than 5 minutes. My EOTech proved simple, bright and reliable. Its lightweight does not change the gun’s balance, and the light does not hang forward of the grip. Available for the Mossberg 500 and 590 as well as the Remington 700, it covers most pump shotguns. At $269, the EOTech costs just slightly more than many handheld lights. For more information, visit or call 888-368-4656.

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You’ll never go wrong when you attach a light to your self-defense shotgun. Identifying…