Home is the one place we all value. The one place we all have a right to feel safe and secure. The Fourth Amendment supports that belief when it states that, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable search and seizures, shall not be violated …” Many states support this right with castle doctrine laws that recognize a person’s right to defend themselves at home from violent criminal intrusion.

Video by Dan Henderson

Shooting the Kel-Tec SUB2000

The first thing I noticed about the SUB2000 is how light and compact it is. The carbine is hinged between the receiver and barrel assemblies and folds in half. It unfolds simply by pulling a small latch at the top of the buttstock and unfolding the two halves until they lock into place. Folded up, the SUB2000 takes up very little space at home or in a vehicle.

People talk about trunk guns, but that implies getting out of the vehicle to get to the gun, and raised eyebrows from onlookers. This SUB2000 folds up into a package only 16 x 7 inches to facilitate transportation in a small, unobtrusive case such as a laptop or briefcase. Owners should check local laws before doing so. Also, the manual advises that the safest way to carry the carbine is folded, locked and unloaded. Imaginative owners could probably find a way to use a padlock and cable to secure it under a car seat or inside a vehicle’s locked security cabinet. The carbine has its own brass lock, located at the top rear of the stock, which, when locked with a factory supplied key prevents the gun from being unfolded into the firing position…keep a lookout for the full store in an upcoming issue of Rifle Firepower.

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Home is the one place we all value. The one place we all have…