A homeowner who sliced off part of a man’s face with a Samurai sword as he fought off an attack on his own doorstep has been spared jail.

In a landmark case for East Yorkshire, Stewart Wilson, 36, has avoided prison despite using “excessive self-defence” when he took the law into his own hands.

Wilson walked free from court with a suspended sentence as the Government considers a change in legislation to allow homeowners more protection from intruders. Wilson’s barrister John Thackray told the court: “One questions whether the Government’s proposed policy of being more flexible would have come into force here.

“But he accepts the way the law stands at the moment.”

Judge Michael Mettyear said: “At first blush, it is a case where you were out by your house with a Samurai sword and the victim suffered unpleasant injuries as a result.

“If that was just the circumstances, then a substantial sentence would be called for which would involve you going to prison straight away.

Source: Hull Daily Mail

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