Glock Simplicity

Glock pistols in 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG, 10mm, .45 G.A.P. and .45 ACP are the first line of defense for many cops and civilians. The largest advantage of having such a durable but lightweight pistol is that, while the full-size pistols are perfect for duty with law enforcement, off-duty officers and civilian shooters can carry the same powerful and proven self-defense weapon in a much smaller package, hidden from casual view and ready to go—but Glocks have three times the safeties of a conventional snubnose revolver.

Each Glock features three, independent safety systems that secure the weapon against accidental discharge. The first is the external trigger safety, a small inner lever contained in the trigger that activates the trigger bar when depressed. The second is the firing pin safety, a solid, hardened-steel pin that blocks the firing pin channel unless the trigger is actuated. Lastly, the drop safety is only released when the trigger is pulled back. This trio of the trigger, firing pin and drop safeties of the Glock “Safe Action” make sure that any Glock can be carried fully loaded but will not discharge unless the trigger is purposefully depressed. The real benefit is that the officer or civilian shooter does not have to lose situational awareness when presenting their pistol for an engagement—they don’t have to chamber a round or address external safeties when faced with a deadly threat. Likewise, a competitive shooter does not have to waste extra milliseconds adjusting a lever during a timed match, all the while still carrying a very safe pistol.

Since the groundbreaking Glock 17, additional calibers, sizes, rails and frame textures have been introduced, culminating with the revolutionary Gen4 series of Glock pistols. The Gen4 now has standard full-size models with large magazine capacities and includes compact and subcompact frames featuring the uniquely textured RTF grips. The texturing increases the overall surface area of the grip so it is not slippery in wet conditions or when the shooter is sweaty. Positive control of your weapon is not only important for accuracy, but if there is a struggle, it helps to make sure that the right person ends up with the pistol—not the bad guy.

The Glock Gen4 Safe Action pistol is based on a reduced short frame, but now the shooter, using optional and detachable backstraps, can modify it for a custom fit. Each Gen4 comes with two backstraps (sizes medium and large) to adjust the distance from the palm to the trigger. The medium backstrap provides for a trigger length that is the same as previous Glocks, while the large backstrap provides for a total 4mm (0.16-inch) increase in trigger distance. The angle of the grip to the barrel is maintained with or without the backstraps attached to ensure complete retention of training and muscle memory. The backstraps are molded to blend with the frame, and they are secured by a sturdy but easy-to-remove pin through the grip.

Each Gen4 Glock is equipped with a reversible magazine catch, changeable in seconds to accommodate either left- or right-handed shooters. Gen4 pistols also have a dual recoil spring assembly, replacing the older single recoil spring. The dual recoil spring assembly and the ability to fit a wide variety of officers using the provided backstraps have made training a diverse population of shooters much easier.

Officer Steve Toribio of the Oakland Police Department prefers the Gen4 Glock, and bought his own as an off-duty weapon, because “I am accurate with the Glock, and the rough finish on the Gen4 makes the pistol secure in my hand. The backstrap system fits all the different sizes of officers in my department.”

Gen4 Goes Small

Glock has expanded their Gen4 line to include compact and subcompact designs for operators, citizens and law enforcement personnel who wanted smaller versions of their duty or match pistols. With the excellent compact and subcompact Glocks, shooters can have interchangeable ammunition and magazines for their sidearm and backup pistols. That means the magazines for full-size Glocks can also feed their same-caliber compact or subcompact backup in a situation when a primary sidearm is disabled and the shooter needs to stay in the fight. The powerful compact and subcompact G19 and G26 in 9mm, G23 and G27 in .40 S&W, G30 in .45 ACP, the 10mm G29, the G32 and G33 chambered in .357 SIG, the G38 and G39 in .45 G.A.P., and the G25 and G28 in .380 ACP (currently LE only) are all excellent firearms that have and will save lives.

Concealed carry allows citizens to respond to threats—actual violence that we have seen inflicted on defenseless Americans with no warning, wantonly killing and wounding scores of helpless people before law enforcement can respond. The superb Glock family of concealable pistols has sufficient power to stop unlawful acts of violence quickly and effectively. Glocks protect the user and their community they live in. For more information, visit or call 770-432-1202.

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