You can bet your life on it!” How many of us hear that phrase but never really put it into context? Think about it, every time you purchase a tactical knife that is exactly what you are doing. If the small folder I carry around the house fails it’s no big deal. A kitchen knife that won’t hold an edge very long is an inconvenience, but who can afford to have their tactical knife fail? You may be purchasing the knife as a defensive weapon or as a survival tool, but in either case you are literary betting your life on a piece of sharpened steel. That single trait is the major difference between a tactical knife and all over designs.

It is also justification for being particular about the manufacturer, or custom maker, when shopping for your next tactical blade. The maker must understand the stress a tactical knife can be subjected to, and the durability required for this type of knife. One custom shop that has an understanding of these requirements, and is known for their hard-use tactical knives is SCAR Blades.

Scar Blades

SCAR Blades is the joint venture of two brothers, Casey and Shane Radford, located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Between the two, they account for 22 combined years of experience in knife making and have formed their own ideas of what constitutes a tactical knife design.

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You can bet your life on it!” How many of us hear that phrase…