Sight Rider, a company which has been making fine leather holsters for eyewear and cell phones for years, has now applied those same design and construction standards to handgun holsters. But not just any handgun, your handgun. Whether you own an Old West Classic revolver, a Colt 1911, a 9mm Glock or a .357 Magnum, Sight Rider has developed a process for you to order a “custom fit” holster for your handgun. Their website gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make the eight simple measurements required to make a custom fit holster. The whole process takes about ten minutes.

They currently have two basic styles of holsters that they can apply to your handgun’s dimensions. Their most popular holster is the CAVALRY TROOPER, so-called due to its distinctive “Old West” design in the tradition of the iconic U.S. Cavalry. The Cavalry Trooper features a “brim” that covers the hammer and pistol grip entirely and securely.

They also offer a TACTICAL version of the TROOPER which features an over-the-hammer strap instead of the full brim.

Either model can be ordered with an enclosed or open ended barrel according to taste and how much barrel the customer wants exposed if any.

Their holsters are meticulously hand-made deep in the heart of Texas and are built for durability, convenience, protection and style and are all lined with supple deerskin to preserve and protect your handgun. They are available in black, tan and English tan 8oz. leather in addition to many exotic hides such as alligator, eel and ostrich. In addition, you can further personalize and customize your holster with a variety of conchos, liner upgrades and even your initials.

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