The Reflex Holster is built to solidly retain your sidearm in the holster’s contoured Kydex pouch and employs a Level 2 retention capability without the use of additional release mechanisms. When drawing your sidearm, take hold of the grips while slightly twisting the gun inward. This instantly releases the holster’s lock on the frame. The Reflex also has a deep recess where the trigger finger can rest naturally during the draw, ensuring the trigger finger is in line with the frame, rather than the triggerguard, and helps prevent unintentional engagement of the trigger—particularly important with semi-autos that use Glock-type trigger safeties.

Your body’s natural reflexes, or sympathetic nervous system, automatically kick in during stressful or life-threatening situations. Sometimes called the fight-or-flight instinct, it involves gross motor skills such as suddenly shifting your position, raising your arms to a defensive position or drawing a gun, and the Reflex Holster is engineered to take advantage of that.

You must first decide where the Uncle Mike’s Reflex Holster is going to be worn. For right-handed users, this will usually be in a traditional 3 or 4 o’clock position on the hip. Second, practice drawing and re-holstering until it becomes a natural muscle-memory action, something you can do repeatedly without looking at the holster or gun. The Reflex is also cant-adjustable and can be worn using either a paddle mount or pancake belt mount. I tried both, and the paddle makes the holster a little easier to draw from because it places the gun slightly further from the body, which makes the “grip twist” easier.

Kydex-constructed and form-fitted to your specific pistol, the Reflex Holster, along with its mounts, is very rigid and comfortable. The rig rides high, keeping the grips above the bottom of your ribcage when you’re sitting. Note that practice should include various postures, such as sitting in a chair and behind the wheel of a vehicle, to get a feel for how the gun and holster ride. Once it is positioned, the Reflex remains rock solid, providing excellent stability regardless of whether one is standing, sitting or moving.

Uncle Mike’s Reflex Holsters are designed for medium- to large-frame semi-autos like the Colt 1911 Government and Commander Models, the Glock standard and compact pistols (in all calibers), the Sig Sauer P220, the S&W M&P and the Beretta Model 92 and 96. You can carry the Reflex concealed with a long jacket, sport coat or shirt worn out over the gun and rig. (Note that lightweight shirts that work with smaller guns wouldn’t work here.) For more information, visit or call 800-423-3537.

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