Bill Wilson is a lifelong gun enthusiast. He received his first firearm when he was eight years old. And his obsession with firearms continues to this day, with no sign of letting up soon. Bill has been involved in virtually every aspect of the shooting sports world, especially with pistols. His competition experience spans over 40 years, including well over 10 years of IPSC competition. He’s also one of the originators of the IDPA. As an avid hunter, he has hunted game on several continents. His trophy room rivals many museums.

Bill’s drive to be the best prompted him to constantly improve and innovate. Early in his competitive career, this meant making his own improvements. It turned into a business in 1977. Bill started in the trade by tuning revolvers. As the demand for his skills grew in popularity, he started customizing 1911-style pistols. Following years of innovating and improving upon the 1911 platform, his little gun shop blossomed into Wilsom Combat, a multimillion dollar weapons manufacturer providing some of the finest pistols, rifles, shotguns and accessories available.

All of Wilson Combat’s 1911-style compact pistols feature a match-grade barrel, high-cut frame with checkering, contoured magazine well, and the best parts available. Features and accessories differ with the various models. Available in .38 Super, 9mm, and .45 ACP, each pistol can be built to meet the needs of any concealed carry holder.

Stealth Sentinels

The latest pistol in this stable of concealed carry masterpieces is the Super Sentinel. Chambered in .38 Super, this pistol packs a really solid punch in a very small package. Loaded with the correct ammunition, this little pistol brings .357 Magnum power to bear. The 3.6-inch, match-grade barrel is hand-fitted for superb accuracy and complete reliability. The Wilson Combat Barttlesight rear and fiber-optic front sights provide for solid aiming. With its aluminum frame and carbon-steel slide, it carries easily and may be the perfect concealed carry pistol. Having test-fired this pistol at Wilson Combat, I can attest to its soft recoil and excellent accuracy. It brings a whole new player to the concealed carry ballgame.

Wilson Combat’s Sentinel 9mm starts with an all-carbon-steel slide and frame, and each part is hand-fitted for reliability and accuracy. Standard configuration includes a single-side tactical safety, high-ride grip safety with Posi-Release tab and slim-line grips. The magazine well is nicely contoured. The grip is checkered at 30 LPI for solid control, and the company equips the pistol with an extended magazine release. The 3.6-inch, heavy-tapered barrel is custom-fit to the slide. The Sentinel’s slide is completely dehorned for concealed carry and includes rear cocking serrations.

Many features requested by women were included in the Ms. Sentinel 9mm, which has cocobolo Starburst stocks for aesthetics and a narrower grip. This version of the Sentinel also features a shortened and rounded magazine release. The coned, match-grade barrel uses a full-length guide rod with reverse plug, and its trigger is set at a crisp 3.5 to 3.75 pounds. This pistol is perfect for anyone with smaller hands, or those just looking for a truly reliable subcompact 1911 for concealed carry.

The Ultralight Carry Sentinel is Wilson’s lightest pistol, coming in at 25.2 ounces empty. This 9mm’s 3.5-inch barrel and chamber are fluted, providing for more weight reduction. The slide has a heavy machine chamfer on the bottom and rear cocking serrations. The top of the slide is serrated at 30 LPI for glare control and added weight savings. The grips are made of G10 for rugged reliability under use. This is the most customizable of the Sentinel line and is available in a multitude of Armor-Tuff colors.

More Compacts

The Ultralight Carry Compact uses an aluminum frame as well as a fluted barrel to save weight. It maintains all the features of the Ultralight Carry in the compact frame size, offering comfortable carry over the long haul. Wilson’s CQB Compact is the workhorse of the line. Maintaining all the features of the legendary CQB in a small package, it offers better concealability and easy of carry. Built from a steel frame and slide, it does so with rugged and proven longevity of a steel pistol. The CQB Compact offers all you will need in a proven combat pistol.

Wilson Combat continues to provide custom pistols to the discerning buyer who wants the best 1911 platform around. Bill Wilson’s constant drive to improve, innovate, and be the best permeates throughout the company and will keep Wilson Combat at the top of the game for many years to come. For more information, visit or call 800-955-4856.

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