Readers of this magazine who are familiar with the name DoubleStar will not be surprised to read a piece about how well its guns are put together. But some of our readers may not know the name DoubleStar, or what the company represents when it comes to ultra-high-quality 1911s. Simply put, this company is doing a great job building custom-made 1911s for some high-speed, low-drag shooters and discriminating gun owners across America.

For the purposes of this article, I obtained and evaluated DoubleStar’s 1911 Combat Pistol in .45 ACP. While some gun owners may be stubborn when it comes to changing anything that has worked for them in the past—and I am no exception to that rule—even the most dedicated of any other custom offering should appreciate the quality and workmanship that goes into a DoubleStar 1911 pistol.

Gun Details

The pistol came from the factory in a very nice black carrying case with the DoubleStar name and insignia engraved on it. The pistol came with a Novak eight-round magazine and all the requisite paperwork from the company. I took the pistol out, handled it and was immediately pleased with the reassuring weight of the all-steel 1911 and its functional accessory rail on the dust cover. I checked the thumb and grip safeties and they were in great working order. The thumb safety was set perfectly, with a loud click to let the user know that the gun is on or off safe. I checked everything on the pistol for function and ease of operation before shooting it to see how it handled and make certain that all parts were fitted smoothly.

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Readers of this magazine who are familiar with the name DoubleStar will not be…