Hogue, known for its grips, has a new dual-purpose, Level 2 retention holster named the PowerSpeed Automatic Retention Holster. This smooth-looking rig is currently available for Glock pistols and Government Model-sized 1911s, and it employs an automatic retention lock that is released by firm downward pressure from the thumb while grasping the grips. Hogue’s Holster Department manager, Steve Maddox, noted that one law enforcement officer who tested the new rig said, “It’s the holster you don’t have to think about.” In my initial test of the new rig in its paddle configuration, this proved to be the case.

Drawing a 1911 from the rig was as smooth as any contoured injection-molded Level 1 retention holster I have ever tried. In addition, the secure Level 2 retention and locking/release system is hard to operate if you’re not wearing the holster (i.e. it’s extremely difficult for someone else to grab your gun from the rig). The Hogue PowerSpeed also reholsters a 1911 with ease, followed by a crisp, quiet click that means the gun is firmly locked back in place by a catch that engages the triggerguard. Overall, the PowerSpeed offers ease of use and intuitive operation.

HOW IT WORKS: The locking system is released by depressing the spring-tensioned thumb lever on the draw. This is a natural motion of the thumb, which easily engages the large, curved release as the hand grasps the grips. Depressing the lever pushes the internal lock out of the gun’s triggerguard, allowing for a clean draw. Due to the rig’s high-ride design, the thumb release is almost entirely blocked by the wearer’s body.

The Hogue PowerSpeed Automatic Retention Holster can be easily converted from a paddle holster to a belt holster in a matter of minutes by changing the backplate. When worn as a paddle holster, the wide, curved paddle is shaped to firmly grip below the beltline, while the smooth, plastic backside rides comfortably against the body. The adjustable belt mount allows the rig to be worn in a variety of positions around the waist and canted for ease of use. The belt mount is also adjustable for belt widths between 1.25 and 2 inches. For more information visit or call 800-438-4747.

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