There are several methods for carrying a small semi-auto or revolver discreetly, but the most important factor is how quickly you're able to draw from concealment and defend yourself.

In the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, there has been a lot of talk from politicians and the general public on gun control.

27 people died in Friday’s shooting at a Connecticut elementary school. Now many are talking about gun control, and what might have changed the outcome of the incident.

Joe Torock teaches concealed carry classes in Idaho.

“It was a terrible tragedy that should never happen. But yeah, we do see a little bit of increase in classes and people signing up in these kinds of cases,” said Torock.

He said these kinds of incidents cause more people to sign up for his classes. He and his business partner, Andrew Odom, aim to make those who choose to carry, more informed and more safe.

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