Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP), one of the most respected names in law enforcement products, has introduced its entire family of Triad duty flashlights, the AA, USB, Polymer and CR – the brightest light of its kind producing a brilliant 350 lumens of light as measured against the ANSI FL-1 Standard.

All four Triad flashlights have set a new standard for high-intensity duty lights and serve as the cornerstone of ASP’s entire light line.

Each flashlight incorporates several revolutionary, industry-leading key features, including the latest XPG2 LED, a 3-position quiet switch (intermittent, locking and constant-on) and a foamed, vinyl grip that is durable yet tacky and provides insulation from the heat these types of lights give off.

The Triad Family of lights offers users a variety of materials (6061 aerospace aluminum and polymer) and power sources (AA, CR123A and Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries) to choose from and all come with a zippered storage case and a variety of accessories.

The Triad Family

AA – The Triad AA features the intensity of a world-class duty light (220 lumens) with the worldwide convenience of AA batteries. Lithium power cells provide increased cold weather performance, extended shelf life and high energy density. The newly introduced lithium AA batteries by Energizer that ASP sells run eight times (8X) longer than their alkaline counterparts – ideal for duty use. The Triad AA comes with two Lithium AA batteries, a battery link case and a zippered travel case.The run time of the Triad AA is approximately 2 ½ hours. The MSRP is $100.

CR – The Triad CR stands out from its siblings in the Triad family as the brightest in the bunch. Fueled by two CR123A Lithium batteries, the Triad CR produces a stunning 350 lumens of light and runs continuously for approximately 90 minutes. The Triad CR comes with two CR123A batteries, a link battery case and a zippered travel case. The MSRP is $110.

USB – Powered by an 18650-Lithium Ion battery, the Triad USB can be recharged on the go using a computer laptop or any micro USB cell phone charger. The Triad USB’s revolutionary technology produces a brilliant 300 lumens of light with a continuous runtime of approximately three hours. 
 The Triad USB’s battery has a protection circuit module to prevent overcharging or short –circuiting, and the battery indicator on the light blinks red when charging and turns solid green when fully charged. The Triad USB comes with a retractable cord, car charger, wall charger and a zippered travel case. The MSRP is $145.

Polymer – The Polymer Triad is designed for users who want a lighter feel but the same durability and performance of ASP’s other Triad lights. The Poly Triad comes in black, coyote, yellow and pink. It produces 275 lumens with a runtime of about 2 1/2 hours. The MSRP is $80.

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