Crimson Trace Corporation announces the release of their new laser training and education video, “The Lasers Edge”. The video will debut to a live audience on a 10’x16’ bank of 16 HDTV’s at the Crimson Trace Booth (#16731), 3:30pm on Wednesday January 16th at SHOT Show 2013.

Filmed in high-definition on location at Gunsite Academy in Prescott, Arizona, “The Laser’s Edge” is more than just a follow up to Crimson Trace’s highly acclaimed “The Art of Survival: Laser Tactics and Training” and features new technology, tactics, training methods and information requested by today’s self-defense and concealed carry consumer. In addition to a FREE copy of “The Lasers Edge” DVD, every person that attends the Premiere will receive a 24”x36” movie poster, free refreshments and have a chance to meet the experts, cast and crew.

The new video features several notable shooting industry personalities including: Michael Bane, host of Shooting Gallery, Julie Golob, 2012 Bianchi Cup Champion, Iain Harrison, editor of Recoil Magazine, 4 time World Champion Todd Jarrett, Richard Mann, author of “Handgun Training for Personal Protection” and Gunsite Academy Head Trainer, Dave Starin. Featured subjects include: “Weapon Mounted Lights” “Concealed Carry”, “Target Visibility”, “Training That Works”, “Instinctive Activation”, “Accuracy on the Move & Unconventional Shooting Positions”. Also included on the free DVD is an interactive Crimson Trace catalog, product installation and FAQ videos, and Crimson Trace product platform demonstrations as well as a reenactment of a real-life customer encounter involving Crimson Trace laser sights and imminent personal danger.

“As the industry leader, we feel strongly that it’s our responsibility to educate the consumer about why laser sights should be standard equipment on every personal defense handgun,” explains Kent Thomas, Marketing Director for Crimson Trace. “Four years ago, we set the standard with, ‘The Art of Survival’, which has served shooters well for the last few years. With the release of, “The Laser’s Edge”, we’ve raised the bar again for today’s consumer and Gun Culture 2.0”. “Many of the training fundamentals have remained constant, yet technology has continued to provide us with more tools that more and more shooters have not only accepted, but fully embrace the use of laser sights and tactical lights as part of their self-defense kit to make them a more accurate and confident shooter.”

The new DVD and 2013 Product Catalog are FREE and now proudly available for dealers and consumers. To request, contact Crimson Trace online at or by calling 1-800-442-2406. Crimson Trace products are proudly engineered and manufactured at Crimson Trace Headquarters in Wilsonville, OR.

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