What makes a holster desirable? Appearance is a factor, but so is functionality. Holster function has been evolving for over half a century to meet changes in technology, firearms construction and consumer needs. The latest designs use advanced synthetic materials that didn’t even exist a few decades ago. Sadly, the introduction of new technologies, however useful, spelled the disappearance of the very thing that makes a holster a holster—the use of leather. Technological advances aside, nothing looks as good as a fine piece of leather wrapped around a handgun.

Now, through a new process developed by Safariland, the previously disparate worlds of leather and synthetics have finally been brought into harmony with a new line of premium Bianchi-branded holsters that are made of far more than meets the eye. The new series is called Allusion, a word that usually means “making an insinuation or reference,” and in this case the allusion is also an “illusion”—what looks to be a traditional leather holster is in fact not.

Behind the Allusion

Safariland’s innovative new Allusion technology combines the company’s heritage for quality leather holsters with the latest thermoformed synthetics, creating a holster that has an exterior of premium, vegetable-tanned cowhide with a traditional wet-molded contour, bonded with an interior that is a laminate synthetic, providing the solid rigidity and internal triggerguard-retention detent of a thermoformed (injection-molded) holster.

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