Each morning I ask myself, “Should I carry my S&W J-Frame pistol today? It is so light I almost don’t know it’s in my bag. Or perhaps this Ruger .380 LCP, or maybe my S&W M&P Shield? How about the S&W Bodyguard? I will be out after dark tonight, and the Crimson Trace laser might be a handy tool to have.” Decisions, decisions.

Many women choose to carry a revolver because it is simple to operate, with few controls to manipulate beyond the trigger itself. Revolvers are also nearly malfunction-free, though malfunctions do sometimes occur (prevented with regular maintenance and the use of quality ammunition). The good news is that if the revolver fails to fire, just pull the trigger again.

Revolvers also have a long trigger pull, which may slow your shot down or cause you to flinch or yank the trigger. The long trigger pull is due to how the mechanism rotates the cylinder to make the weapon fire. Many times revolvers are carried in a purse, fanny pack, or pocket or ankle holster. On the flipside, it is possible that the long trigger pull will make the gun less likely to go off when you don’t want it to.

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