Attendees at this year’s Shot Show, will finally have the opportunity to take home the best security made to protect their firearms. An invention called The RAC is a safety device and silent security guard that protects firearms that are not in use. The RAC can withstand up to 4700 pounds of pressure, can store up to 3 firearms at once, is made with patented tempered steel design and mounting platform, contains a smooth rubber coating that prevents firearms from being scratched, has a locking arm that swivels 360 degrees, uses a tubular key for quick access and locking and can prevent unauthorized use or possession of both long and hand guns.

The RAC offers a unique value over other gun locks, gun lock boxes, gun trigger locks, cable gun locks, gun cabinets and gun safes because It is designed with both a trigger lock and a tamper-resistant mounting system. The RAC is used by the Secret Service and the Department of Defense. The RAC has earned the much sought-after California compliance certification, from the state with the most stringent firearm security device regulations in the country

According to Larry Evans, the company’s Business Development Manager, “the RAC, has been hailed as the answer and solution to a growing problem in firearm theft and if this product is good for the military it should be good for any firearm owner”. The RAC is a firearm security and storage device that provides protection and enhances safety. In light of the national discussion on firearms and safety, the RAC offers tested reliability and an answer to keeping firearms inaccessible to possible theft. The RAC is easy to use and functional in the home, business or inside a vehicle, providing peace of mind for all firearm owners.

The RAC will be showcased at the Las Vegas Shot Show this week and will be used by many firearm owners because of its strength, functionality, and simple design.

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