User installed in minutes without the need for a parts change or gunsmith, the CenterFire flawlessly integrates with the front portion of a firearm frame, placing the emission point of the laser beam immediately under the bore for the highest accuracy. Now, Colt will offer the CenterFire laser as a complement to its popular Mustang® pistol line.

Intelligently designed, the CenterFire laser features LaserMax’s signature Controlled Activation™ in the form of a simple, ambidextrous toggle switch that allows both left and right-handed shooters to activate the laser only when needed, avoiding an inadvertent and potentially risky reveal of the user’s position. Location of the laser and activation places the trigger finger in a position that reinforces NRA rules for safe handling of firearms and also prevents any potential blocking of the beam by the shooter.

Compatible with both Legacy model Mustangs and the new .380 Mustang Pocketlite, the CenterFire laser is available exclusively through Colt at an MSRP of $139. It comes “out of the box” ready with factory pre-alignment for POA/POI at 10 yards and a supplied tool also enables user adjustments to windage and elevation. The 1/3N Lithium cell battery provides over four hours of continuous runtime. Replacement batteries can be purchased directly from LaserMax for about $5 each.

For more information on the CenterFire for the Colt Mustang, visit Complete information on LaserMax product offerings is available at or by phone at 800 527-3703.

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