Drawing from a concealed belt holster requires moving the jacket swiftly and smoothly to the rear, allowing you to firmly grip the pistol.

People’s guns won’t be the only things concealed if a bill in the state legislature becomes law.
Senate Bill (SB) 131, introduced by State Senator Bruce Holland (R-Greenwood) would restrict public access to information about concealed carry permit holders in Arkansas.

Currently, the approximately 130,000 concealed carry permit holders’ names and zip codes are available to the public under the Freedom of Information Act in Arkansas. The list is available in an Arkansas State Police database.

About 2,425 of the concealed carry permit holders in Arkansas reside in Greene County, which is about 5.6 percent of the 42,720 Greene County residents, according to the 2011 United States Census.

The bill’s supporters say it protects concealed carry permit holders’ privacy, but its opponents say it is an unnecessary restriction on public access to government information.

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People's guns won't be the only things concealed if a bill in the state…