Sphinx Arms of Switzerland had a prominent presence in IWA’s new tactical and law enforcement section. One of the centerpieces of their booth was their new SDP Compact 9mm pistol. A purpose-designed duty pistol, the SDP Compact is intended as a one-size-fits-all issue pistol for law enforcement and other armed professionals. The SDP is built on a hardcoat-anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum upper frame that features Teflon inserts to reduce wear on the internal slide rails. The lower frame is constructed of polymer and incorporates an interchangeable rubber grip system to accommodate different hand sizes. The grip features an extremely high tang that enables the gun to sit very low in the hand, allowing it to point very naturally and reducing muzzle rise during recoil.

The SDP has a crisp DA/SA action and a frame-mounted ambidextrous decocking lever that also serves as a safety for “condition one” carry. Its slide is machined from solid steel and features a tapered “pyramid” design that decreases weight and helps draw the shooter’s eye toward the exclusive fiber/tritium front sight. This unique day/night sight is comprised of a self-luminous green tritium vial encased in a fiber-optic outer sleeve. This proprietary construction ensures high visibility in all lighting conditions, including transitions between vastly different light levels. It is mated with a low-profile rear sight containing two red tritium dots.

An oversized triggerguard makes the SDP easy to operate while wearing gloves, and an integral Picatinny rail under the pistol’s frame readily accepts lights, lasers, and other accessories. Magazine capacity of the pistol is 15 rounds plus one in the chamber.

The SDP Compact is the inaugural pistol in Sphinx’s duty pistol line. It will be followed by a full-sized version and, ultimately, a subcompact as well. Sphinx manufactures all the components for this pistol in Switzerland, but plans are underway to offer U.S.-assembled pistols built from original Swiss-made parts. For more information, call 757-821-1089 or visit

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