TerraLUX®, a leader in LED light technology, introduces the TT-4, a 520 ANSI lumen tactical flashlight with three output settings, a dedicated strobe switch and 2.5 hours of full-power runtime.

TerraLUX’s Optimized Digital Control™ (ODC) technology delivers up to 43 percent longer runtimes and 30 percent more lumen output. In addition, the TT-4 allows users the choice of either two CR-123A batteries or a single 18650 battery.

“The TT-4 is a perfect combination of size, runtime and power,” said Wade Stevens, TerraLUX vice president of sales. “It’s small enough for the pocket but large enough for a belt holster, and with 520 lumens it makes a fantastic weapon-mounted light as well.”

The TT-line of lights features a unique design that allows the user to access a separate, dedicated strobe switch. This ergonomically designed button allows the strobe to be quickly deployed in a dynamic critical incident, when time and fine motor skills are at a minimum. The disorientation from the variable- frequency strobe can buy users the critical seconds necessary to get away from an attacker.

CNC-machined from aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum, the TT-4 sports a Type III hard-coat anodize for long-lasting protection. Built to the demanding needs of military and law enforcement users, the TT-4 is designed for hard-use and always-ready durability.

Unlike other manufacturers who anodize their light bodies before cutting threads, TerraLUX anodizes their light bodies after threads are cut. This additional step reduces thread fouling, environmental damage and battery discharge.

In addition to durable bodies, TerraLUX uses lenses made from tempered glass, not a composite that is more prone to scratching or damage.

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