Since the Glock autopistol’s introduction over 20 years ago, it has gained an enviable reputation for reliability and ease of use. Indeed, my carry pistol is a Glock 19, and I recently used it in a training class, firing more than 700 rounds in a few hours. The entire day (the entire time I owned this pistol), I never experienced a single malfunction. There is satisfaction and peace of mind in knowing that your carry pistol will fire every time you pull the trigger and place shot after shot on target. The Glock’s striker-fired design also makes it extremely easy to shoot, with the same trigger squeeze on each shot and a short reset.

These qualities, along with the Glock’s clean lines, appeal equally to beginners and experts. Glocks are the most popular pistols among law enforcement officers and many competitive shooters and civilians. A cold-hammer-forged steel barrel with distinct polygonal rifling for improved service life and accuracy and a nitride finish that provides exceptional hardness and corrosion resistance are just some of the features that attract so many shooters.

There is also the Glock Safe Action system, which is made up of three distinct internal and external safeties that fully prevent the gun from firing unless the trigger is depressed. In fact, Glock pistols cannot be made to fire from any fall or inertia. The Safe Action safeties are automatically disengaged as the trigger is depressed and automatically reengage when the trigger is released, making the pistol ideal for concealed or off-duty carry. Let’s take a look at some of Glock’s powerhouse CCW pistols.

By The Numbers

Known widely as the “Baby Glock,” the G26 is Glock’s original high-capacity, 9mm, subcompact, semi-automatic pistol. It has been routinely used for deep concealment and as a backup gun, with the added advantage being able to accommodate any Glock 9mm magazine. The new Glock 26 Gen4 model features interchangeable backstraps to adjust the grip size and provide a more customized feel. The newly textured grip panels create a better grip, and an enlarged and reversible magazine release makes for faster magazine changes for both right- and left-handed shooters. The Gen4 Dual Recoil Spring Assembly also helps keep the pistol functioning and extend its service life.

The Glock 27 ups the ante on concealed-carry pocket pistols, offering nine rounds of .40 S&W in an extremely compact package. Glock pistols in this caliber are already among the most popular carry guns of U.S. police officers. The G27 is indisputably the preferred backup and off-duty pistol. This allows officers to train with and use the same ammunition and even use the same higher-capacity magazine as their full-sized guns. The new Gen4 also adds several notable features over previous versions, such as a modular grip and an enlarged magazine release.

The ultimate in compact and big-bore pocket pistols, the Glock 39 makes use of the .45 GAP round. This pistol is also fed by a single-stack magazine, like the G36, but achieves even smaller dimensions thanks to the unique cartridge. Developed by Glock, the .45 GAP was designed for a smaller-frame gun and to accommodate the largest possible bullet in a round that has a shorter overall length. The result is a load that performs similar to a standard .45 ACP and fits in a frame designed for a smaller cartridge.

New Gen4 Lineup

The new Glock 29 Gen4 packs a powerful 10mm punch. Note that the ever popular .40 S&W was derived from the longer and more powerful 10mm. And if that’s what you want, the original, you will be hard pressed to find it in a smaller pistol. Extremely effective as a concealed-carry pistol, as backup on the streets or as extra security in the woods, this gun is popular with both law enforcement officers and hunters. The 10mm is sure to quickly end most any threat, and the G29 Gen4 enables you to bring that power to bear in a package that’s easy to carry and conceal.

The new Glock 33 Gen4 offers the same subcompact design and reliability of other Glock pocket pistols but in the popular and powerful .357 SIG cartridge. This modern bottleneck round is small enough to fit in high-capacity magazines while offering ballistic performance similar to that of the famed .357 Magnum. The .357 SIG is also extremely popular with LE due to its performance in real-world incidents.

For many shooters, there is no acceptable pistol cartridge other than the classic .45 ACP. If you want 10 rounds of .45 ACP fire in a small concealed-carry gun, then look no further than the new Glock 30 Gen4, which can take a 13-round mag.

Hybrid 30

A gun that prints through clothing is not concealed. The Glock 36 solves this issue by offering a slim-line design with a six-round, single-stack magazine that allows the pistol to lay flat in the pocket. Chambered in the powerful .45 ACP cartridge, the G36 will give you plenty of confidence. The design also lends itself well to those with smaller hands, providing a significantly more compact grip than that of traditional double-stack magazines. The G36 is, in fact, Glock’s most narrow pistol.

While similar to the G30, the Glock 30 SF (Short Frame) pistol features a shorter frame, which reduces the reach to the trigger and makes the weapon easier to handle for those with smaller hands. Despite its subcompact size, the G30 SF comes standard with a 10-round magazine and features Glock’s tough frame and a 3.78-inch, cold-hammer-forged barrel. The G30 SF can be comfortably carried in a large pocket or in a small IWB or belt holster.

Now for the really big news in self-defense handguns: the new Glock 30S, a hybrid that combines big-bore reliability with concealability and high capacity. This new pistol uses the same narrow slide of the single-stack G36 along with the shorter frame and smaller dimensions of the G30 SF, making the G30S the smallest 10-round .45 ACP pistol you are going to find. Glock also managed to shave off more than 3 ounces of weight from the G30 SF, making the G30S ideal for backup or for getting the most out of concealed carry. The new pistol adds to Glock’s venerable compact lineup, giving many shooters options to maximize their personal protection. For more information, visit or call 770-432-1202

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