More and more people are now relying on AR rifles and tactical shotguns for home defense. Because long guns are less concealable than handguns, there has been a growing need for a tactical storage solution large enough to house them. GunVault has answered the need with the TacVault – a secure storage safe that fits discreetly inside most standard sized closets.

The TacVault is capable of holding any tactical shotgun or AR platform rifle. It has a convenient shelf for storing spare magazines, ammunition, knives or a flashlight. It is predrilled to secure to the floor and features a high-strength lock mechanism that performs reliably, time after time.

Built of tamper-proof 14-gauge steel body (12 gauge steel door) with precise fittings, the TacVault is virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools. It is available with GunVault’s patented No-Eyes® keypad or biometric fingerprint scanner for easy access. Foolproof security is ensured with a backup override key and optional high-strength security cable. An audio and LED low battery indicator protect against direct tampering and unexpected power loss.

The TacVault Bio uses biometrics, specifically fingerprint recognition, to access the safe contents faster and more securely than ever before. A high-performance algorithm is used to achieve speedy identification of enrolled fingerprints and at the same time has a very low False Reject Rate (FRR). The self-learning algorithm adds new minutiae to the fingerprint templates each time a user touches the fingerprint sensor, which decreases the likelihood of FRR, updates slight changes that might occur over time to an enrolled fingerprint and helps diminish variations between the enrolled fingerprints. The system can hold up to 10 fingerprint templates.

GunVault TacVault Specifications:
Model: TV 4810, TVB 4810
Height: 48 inches
Width: 10 inches
Depth: 17 inches
Weight: 80 pounds
Power: One 9-volt alkaline battery (not included)
Access: Biometric fingerprint scanner or digital key pad with key lock override
MSRP: TV4810 – $499.99, TVB 4810 – $549.99

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More and more people are now relying on AR rifles and tactical shotguns for…