Over the many years that I’ve been a hunter, I’ve sometimes had to perform game care in fading light, or even after darkness cloaked the landscape. In those instances, a flashlight held between my teeth or a headlamp was the only available light source. Most of the time such illumination was adequate, but certainly not optimal. Look away from the work for just a moment, and you’re liable to find yourself in stitches. And that often necessitates a trip to some distant medical facility.

Since a lot of big game is taken late in the afternoon, when daylight is fading, there’s a real need for the hunter to carry some type of illumination tool. A relatively new manufacturer, Real Avid, has thankfully developed a new line of lighted edged tools. Their Revelation family of lighted hunting knives makes it easy, fast and safe to conduct big-game field care without the use of an external light source.

The Revelation series features three fixed-blade and two lock-blade folders, all of which feature dual LED lights integrated into the leading end of the handle. The one knife in this grouping that really piqued my interest was the “Real Avid Revelation AMP” three-in-one Field Dressing Tool. The knife possesses two blades, both of which are crafted from 440 stainless and both of which lock open by means of liner locking mechanisms. The main modified drop-point pattern blade is 3.5 inches in length, with a rather fine point for delicate trophy work and a sweeping belly for skinning chores. A slot in the blade spine, rather than a tiny nail nick, facilitates easy opening.

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For the complete article please refer to Tactical Knives July 2013.

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Over the many years that I’ve been a hunter, I’ve sometimes had to perform…