International Supplies, one of the leading distributors for the shooting sports, law enforcement and military industry, is proud to introduce a new Emergency Signaling Device (a.k.a. ESD). Made by Lumenyte Security Systems, a company that specializes in fiber optic lighting systems, the ESD is an ultra-bright flashing LED designed to be a safe and highly effective alternative to ordinary road flares.

Unlike incendiary flares, which blow out with a gust of wind and frequently burns the users hands and clothing, the ESD is much easier and safer to operate. There is an on and off switch conveniently located on the top of its compact, flat, hexagon design. Simply press the button and the ESD’s one watt flashing light can be seen up to half a mile away from up to four directions and lasts up to 23 days straight on one set of two AA batteries. It’s also waterproof and magnetic so users can set it down on any surface, and it will stay put. The ESD comes with two small homes so users can jam it into the ground using spikes or large nails if needed.

“Handling road flares can be risky and dangerous, and if given the choice between that and Lumenyte’s Emergency Signaling Device, the choice is always glaringly obvious,” says Doug Pircher, the general manager of International Supplies. “With Lumenyte’s ESD, not only is it much safer to use, but it is much more effective at grabbing attention and it is also a lot more versatile and durable in the field.”

The ESD’s heavy duty molded plastic case is designed to withstand extreme weight and conditions. It can support up to 72 tons of weight and resist dirt, water, snow, fuel and oil. The on/off switch and battery compartment are both gasket sealed to ensure long term reliability. The switch is also recessed to prevent accidental turning on and off.

An ESD costs approximately $17 each and is also available in a pack of eight for $165, which includes an addition two handheld light flares.

For more information on International Supplies and their new line of Lumenyte Emergency Signaling Devices, please visit or call (800) 999-1984.

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