Getting any firearm practice at a time when a box (if you can find any) of ammunition is expensive and hard to locate is difficult. Well, now shooters can fire tens of thousands of inexpensive rounds and get real training and feedback

Timing is everything they say, and this is a great time to debut an all new shooting system you can practice with inside your house that will not only show and record your hits but analyze your movement during each shot and even give you shot to shot rapid fire timing!

When it comes to firearm training and practice for new or young shooters the OCAT System LASER will provide safe basic and advanced training far in advance of live fire training. The OCAT System provides a very real way to train sight picture, hold and trigger control without the distractions of an actual shot going off. And of course this basic training is safe and secure, right in your own home if so desired.

Professional Instructors and shooting schools will benefit from this system immediately. Without the distraction of ear muffs, safety glasses, gun fire and recoil the ability to safely teach the basics of sight alignment, hold and trigger control is greatly accelerated with the OCAT System–we have seen that first hand. Within just 50 shots new shooters will shrink their groups dramatically and experienced shooters will smooth out their trigger control beyond anything live fire can train. This all makes the OCAT System ideal for professional trainers, shooting schools and firearm training at any level.

And the beauty of this new and improved computer supported LASER system is it is affordably upgradable to live fire rifle and hand gun and even the OCAT long-range (up to miles) firearm training system.

While recommended for use with the OCAT preferred LASER system, if the shooter already has a snap cap type laser this unit will work with most other brands of LASER training units.

Advantages of the OCAT LASER System:

Nearly unlimited practice shots
Produces same basic practice feedback as live fire
Provides firearm/trigger movement during the shot that live fire cannot provide

LASER Kit: (Shown in the image)

OCAT Software Package (LASER version)
Camera mount
Target package
LASER Unit (with 9mm, .40, .45 and .223/5.56mm calibers included)
MSRP $495.00 including the OCAT System supplied LASER Unit
MSRP $295.00 without the OCAT system LASER (requires a compatible snap cap LASER)

Optional Components:

Laptop Computer (upgrades available)
Spotting Scope (Celestron as above)

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Getting any firearm practice at a time when a box (if you can find…