Chances are, if we really knew for certain that we were going to be placed in a survival situation, we’d make sure that we have an extensive list of food, shelter and other equipment to help us make it through. Unfortunately, the problem with survival and emergency situations is that you never know when they are going to happen, and when they do you have to face them with what you have, not with what you wish you had. With that in mind, the best survival kit in the world is the one that you actually have on you when things go wrong. Having a kit that’s small and portable is a great way of making sure you always have with you at least a minimum of gear. One such kit is the Rocky S2V Survival Grenade.

No, the Survival Grenade is not actually an explosive device, and it can’t be used for grenade fishing — but it does contain a lot of useful gear nonetheless. It gets its name from the grenade-shaped pod exterior that’s created by weaving paracord around a core of other equipment. The pod is a lot easier to carry than a real grenade, measuring around 3.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide and weighing on my scale only 1.4 ounces. For ease of carry, a small carabineer is attached to the top of the pod, allowing for easy clipping to your jacket or pack.

Grenade’s Contents

As mentioned, the pod itself is made up of 10 feet of paracord. Unwrap the cordage and you’ll find a small aluminum-foil-wrapped bundle. The foil itself can be handy and should be unrolled carefully for later use in signaling, cooking, reflecting fire or making a small drinking vessel. (There’s another piece of foil rolled up inside the outer piece, but why waste a potential resource?) Inside the foil is a needle useful for making sewing repairs, suturing or removing splinters; two differently sized fish hooks, two swivels and two lead weights; a ferro rod and a piece of tinder for fire starting; a coil of wire for snares or building; and lastly, a small scalpel blade. In addition, packaged with the Survival Grenade is a small cardboard envelope with a pocket containing a folded survival pamphlet. The pamphlet has a list of seven survival priorities from the Mountain Shepard Survival School. They include: positive mental attitude, wilderness first aid, sheltercraft, firecraft, signaling, water and food. This isn’t a survival manual or specific instructions on how to use the Survival Grenade, but rather some tips and things to think about before you hit the woods.

The Survival Grenade currently sells for $18.99 through Rocky S2V’s website. It also comes free with the purchase of any piece of Rocky footwear or apparel. Visit or call 877-795-2410.

For the complete article please refer to Tactical Knives July 2013.

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