It was around the end of 2010 that I started discussing the out-of-the-box combative potential of the ATAX with its maker, the late Ron Hood. Sadly, a mere half a year later we lost our beloved friend to a heart attack, and the Combative ATAX was all but forgotten. Around June 2012, the one-year anniversary of Ron’s passing, I was preparing to visit his widow Karen and travel with her to the annual Hoodlum gathering (a community brought together by Ron and Karen Hood at their site, I decided to share with her my discussion with Ron about the Combative ATAX, to see what she thought. Karen immediately contacted Mike Fuller at TOPS Knives to see if he could provide some ATAX blanks for use in course development.

Combat Knife
We’re all aware of the wilderness survival properties Ron built into the ATAX knife. In fact, it is so robust that he had to create an entire DVD just to teach us mere mortals how to use it. After getting mine, I couldn’t help but analyze it more closely, realizing as I did so that just about every feature on it made the ATAX the perfect combat knife.

Any knife-fighting system involves techniques utilizing forward grip and reverse grip, requiring you to either re-orient your grip or confine yourself to techniques in the current grip orientation. Although many have trained for years to deal with these limitations, there are issues that can arise…

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For the complete article please refer to Tactical Knives July 2013.

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It was around the end of 2010 that I started discussing the out-of-the-box combative…