Get your home defense package in one complete outfit with our Series 1450 Concealment Cover and Insert Bundle! This comes with (1) lockable concealment sliding mirror, (1) Series 1440 Wall Insert, (1) Series 1410 Wall Insert, and (2) Accessory shelves.
Total available area for your personal defense needs are in a 14″ wide by 50″ tall by 3 1/2″ deep area. That’s 1.4 cubic feet of available space! Installation will be a breeze when everything is right in your hands.

Our Series 1450 Lockable Concealment Cover is handmade right here in the United States! There are different colors to choose from to suit your needs. This unique cover allows you to slide your mirror off to the side for quick access. Your personal defense firearms remain very well hidden and attached firmly to the wall. The mirrors are capable of being opened left or right, simply by flipping it upside down during the installation process. The locking mechanism is a magnetic lock that unlocks when the magnetic key is placed over the area on the outside of the mirror. This allows for quick access, but have the security of a lock.

The Bundle does not include the 45° Accessory Hangers or the 90° Accessory Hangers. However, the Accessory Hangers make a handy addition to the bundle for organization and management for your Concealment Cover options. Learn more at

New enhancements made to create a better finished product:

* Hidden magnetic lock with magnetic key allows for more security
* 18″ Slides allow for longer opening stroke and smoother operation
* Mirror is now encased in a full frame giving a more solid construction and rigidity
* Mirror backed with a Masonite panel to prevent access in the event the mirror is broken
* Matches the style and look of the Series 1410 Lockable Concealment Cover & Insert Bundle
* Mirror frame hides the hole cut in the wall and the insert slides into the frame for a more finished look
* New finish processes allow for a more consistent and sleek final product

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Get your home defense package in one complete outfit with our Series 1450 Concealment…