In the last installment of Street Smarts, I discussed my approach to the Filipino reverse-grip tactic of palisut—the action of hooking and passing the opponent’s limb. Another highly effective reverse-grip tactic is the “Trap and Roll,” sometimes also called the “Pick and Roll.” This movement combines fluid checking, blocking and barrier removal with the “live” (non-weapon) hand with a lighting fast reverse-grip thrust that can be used to attack and disable a variety of targets.

Pikal Jab
The core movement of Trap and Roll is a technique commonly known as the “Pikal Jab.” To perform this movement, grip the knife in a reverse grip with your hand positioned in front of your sternum on your body’s centerline. Pivoting your upper arm at the shoulder, raise your elbow to shoulder level and then extend your elbow to snap your hand forward in a straight line. As you reach full extension, cam your wrist slightly so that the point of the knife extends straight forward to the target. Then, quickly retract your hand along the same path. Keep your shoulder relaxed and emphasize speed and accuracy rather than power. As its name implies, it is a jab—much like a boxer’s jab—not a full-power thrust.

The other half of the Trap and Roll movement is a check with the palm of your non-weapon hand. Like the knife jab, this movement should proceed with your hand in front of your sternum and should move straight forward on your body’s centerline. Make contact with the center of your palm and keep your fingers and thumb pointed upward. Remember, it’s a check, not a grab.

For the complete article please refer to Tactical Knives July 2013.

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