Mikkel Willumsen is a custom maker from Copenhagen, Denmark, with ten years of experience in the field. Mikkel has a background as a metal and woodworking teacher and has applied that skill to a subject he’s been interested in since he was a kid—knife making. Mikkel crafts a full range of products, including fixed blades, folders, balisongs and even kitchen knives. He terms his style “Urban Tactical,” and they all have a slick, modern, Euro-chic look. Mikkel’s work is top notch, and the asking prices reflect that. However, if you’ve been in the market for one of his pieces, he’s recently teamed up with United Cutlery to offer at a very affordable price a production version of his Urban Tactical Blondie folder.

Behind the Name

The Blondie name was inspired by one of the lead characters in the classic Clint Eastwood movie “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” In fact, Mikkel makes custom knives named for all three of the main characters, Blondie, Tuco and Angel Eye. The United version of the Blondie faithfully carries over the lines and design of the custom Blondie, differing primarily in the materials used and production, with the original Blondie being of course hand built by Mikkel himself. Like its cinematic namesake, the Blondie is big, tough and more than a little dangerous. At 10 inches open and sporting a 4.37-inch-long blade, this is a serious piece of hardware. The blade uses a very modern tanto style with an elongated slot for easy one-hand opening. The blade steel is 440C stainless, and the grind is hollow. The blade on my test knife was coated black, though customers also have the options of a basic satin or an urban camouflage finish. Customers can also choose between a plain and a serrated edge.

The handle is a massive 5.75-inches long and consists of a steel frame lock with an urban camo scheme on one side and textured black G-10 scale on the other. The G-10 looks like a sculptured tire-tread pattern and is aggressive without being rough. A blackened stainless-steel pocket clip is affixed to the butt of the knife, providing for tip up, right-hand carry. Weighed on my home scale, the Blondie comes in at right around 7.7 ounces.

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