Wilson Combat has long been at the forefront of 1911 pistol manufacturing. The company is a stirring example of one man’s drive to build the best 1911 available.

Bill Wilson started in the early Action Pistol days, improving production pistols to suit his needs. Out-of-the-box 1911 pistols were pretty simple, with none of the bells and whistles seen today. Always looking for an edge, Bill turned his performance-enhancing customizations into a reality. Fellow competitors soon asked Bill to make the same changes to their guns. It was as much a collaboration between like minds as it was a competitive business. Partaking were many of today’s most respected pistolsmiths, and their efforts resulted in some of the finest 1911s ever built. Bill Wilson continues that legacy with Wilson Combat.

Shrinking Down

Wilson Combat pistols are all built with combat effectiveness in mind. Each pistol features a match-grade barrel, is meticulously hand-fitted to the customer’s specifications in .45 ACP, 9mm and .38 Super, and if that weren’t enough, every Wilson Combat pistol is tested with factory ammunition for reliability and function.

Wilson Combat pistols feature high-cut frames, checkered grips for better control, and contoured magazine wells. Each model has slightly different features and accessories, but all are built to the highest industry standards with the best parts available.

The aluminum-framed Ultralight Carry Compact utilizes a fluted barrel to save weight. Retaining the features of the full-size Ultralight Carry in a compact frame offers users a comfortable carry option for long periods of time.

Maintaining all of the features of the legendary CQB in a smaller package, the CQB Compact offers greater concealability and ease of carry. Its steel frame and slide maintain the rugged and proven longevity of a steel pistol. The CQB offers everything necessary in a proven combat pistol with a compact frame.

Retaining all of the legendary Supergrade features in a compact package, the Tactical Supergrade Compact is the line’s flagship pistol. Expertly assembled by Wilson Combat’s most experienced gunsmiths, it is a top-tier pistol, utilizing the finest parts, each fitted perfectly by the best builders in the industry. It offers the discerning buyer the best possible compact 1911 they can own.

Misters & Misses

Recognizing the need for a subcompact 1911, Wilson Combat designed and produced the Sentinel series of pistols. With combat reliability as his first priority, Bill Wilson has devised a line of subcompacts that operate unfailingly—and accurately—in even the harshest conditions. Starting from the ground up, the Sentinel frame was designed to function with 9mm ammo in a subcompact frame, and many of its internals were specifically made for this platform. Wilson’s attention to detail is apparent in the gun’s extreme-duty parts, precise accuracy and custom-quality fit. Now available in .38 Super, it’s a subcompact pistol with a real punch.

Starting with a carbon-steel slide and frame, every Sentinel pistol is meticulously assembled. Wilson Combat’s Tactical Combat Pyramid sights provide practical effectiveness. Rounding things out are a single-sided tactical safety, a high-ride grip safety with a Posi-Release tab and slim-line grips. The magazine well is fitted by hand and contoured. The grip is checkered at 30 lines per inch (lpi), with a high cut for solid control and a tactical extended magazine release. The 9mm, 3.6-inch, heavy-tapered barrel is custom-fit to the slide. It is completely dehorned for concealed carry and includes rear cocking serrations. Only the best Wilson Combat internals are used, and at a scant 7.2 inches in overall length, it is perfect for deeper concealed carry. It is has an 8+1 capacity. Two magazines and a Wilson Combat nylon case are included.

The Ms. Sentinel incorporates many of the features frequently requested by women. On the gun’s round-butt frame are Wilson Combat’s latest concealment beavertail grip safety and hammer. The fitted magazine release was also shortened and rounded. The 9mm, 3.6-inch, fluted, match-grade conical barrel uses a full-length guide rod and a reverse plug. The magazine well is also contoured, and the frontstrap has 30-lpi checkering. The Ms. Sentinel has eye-pleasing cocobolo Starburst grip panels.

The Ms. Sentinel’s tritium Combat Tactical Pyramid rear sight is paired with an improved ramp front sight. The pistol’s eight-round magazine provides for a total capacity of nine. Originally designed with women in mind, this pistol is perfect for those with smaller hands as well as any person looking for a truly reliable subcompact 1911 for concealed carry.

The aluminum-framed Ultralight Carry Sentinel takes comfortable carry to a new level. The 9mm, 3.6-inch barrel and chamber are fluted. The steel slide uses a heavy machine chamfer on the bottom and rear cocking serrations. The magazine well is nicely contoured and utilizes 30-lpi checkering with a high cut. A set of G10 Starburst grip panels keep thing under control. The medium-length trigger, set to a crisp 3.5 to 3.75 pounds, assists in producing accurate fire. A nicely countersunk slide stop keeps things smooth for concealed carry. Rear slide serrations (40 lpi) help eliminate glare. As the most customizable of the various Sentinels, the Ultralight Carry Sentinel can be built to fit anyone’s needs.

Super Strength

Starting with the Sentinel-series aluminum frame, the Super Sentinel is mated to a 3.5-inch, carbon-steel slide. This frame is 0.5 inches shorter than a Wilson compact frame, and it includes 30-lpi checkering on a high-cut frontstrap. It contains a crisp and predictable trigger measuring 3.5 to 3.75 pounds. A high-ride beavertail safety is used as well as a tactical thumb safety. The magazine well is shaped and contoured to facilitate faster magazine changes. To top it all off, the pistol has a set of G10 Starburst grip panels.

The Super Sentinel’s 3.6-inch, match-grade barrel is carefully hand-fit to the slide. The standard barrel is coned; users have the option of upgrading to a fluted barrel and chamber. The top of the slide is grooved to reduce glare. For sights, the Super Sentinel features Wilson Battlesights and a fiber-optic front sight. The pistol also features a full-length guide rod and a reverse plug for increased accuracy and reliability. Provided with the pistol are Elite Tactical eight-round magazines, designed specifically for the Sentinel. Coated in Armor-Tuff and placed in a Wilson Combat nylon case, the Super Sentinel is a powerful pistol in a small package.

A constant drive for perfection coupled with a strong emphasis on combat effectiveness keeps Wilson Combat at the top of the 1911 game. The company’s commitment to quality and its refusal to compromise—regardless of pistol size—have produced one of the strongest customer bases in the industry. Perhaps it’s time to personally experience why. For more information, visit or call 800-955-4856.

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