One of the mainstays of the Ruger lineup is the GP100 revolver. This gun is prized by shooters across the nation for its durability and simplicity. With a few tweaks, we turned our GP100 into a great gun for IDPA competition and defensive use.

The most important step for the GP100 is an action job. Unlike competitor revolvers that use a leaf-style mainspring, the Ruger GP100 uses coil springs. We started with swapping out the mainspring and trigger-return spring with a Wilson Combat kit, which provides a much lighter pull while retaining reliable ignition. To further enhance the action job, the Ruger’s action was thoroughly polished by a gunsmith, who smoothed all of the trigger mechanism’s bearing surfaces to reduce pull resistance. Then the hammer was bobbed to increase lock time and bead-blasted because it looks cool. The cylinder charge holes were smoothed and chamfered for quicker reloads and positive ejection.

We also changed the factory sights. From the factory the Ruger’s rear sight features a white outline. This was fairly distracting for competition shooting purposes, drawing the shooter’s eye away from the front sight, where it needs to be. Fixing this is as simple as using a sharpie to fill in the white line, which crates a much more desirable black-on-black sight picture. Other options include XS Sights’ Big Dot or Standard Dot sights, which would be excellent choices for defensive use. For the final modification, we replaced the GP100’s factory stocks with Crimson Trace Lasergrips. While disabled for competition use, the Lasergrips are a must-have for any serious defensive gun, where the grips give the shooter the ability to make precise hits while keeping the eyes focused on the threat.

The GP100 is excellent from the factory. But with a little time and effort, you can take your GP100 from a bomb-proof revolver to a top-notch competition gun or defensive weapon. For more on the GP100, visit

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One of the mainstays of the Ruger lineup is the GP100 revolver. This gun…