Utah-based North American Arms (NAA) makes popular mini-revolvers and small pistols that are perfectly sized for pocket carry. In early 2012, I was exposed to a couple of NAA’s concept mini-revolvers boasting a high-quality fit and finish. If the final products bear even a passing resemblance to these concept revolvers, NAA will have another pair of winners on its hands. (Model designations are subject to change.)

Case-Hardened Mini: NAA’s “case-hardened mini-revolver” departs from traditional minis in several ways: It is made of 8620 carbon steel rather than the customary 17-4 stainless steel; the frame features a color case-hardened coating; and the barrel, cylinder, cylinder pin and trigger are black, though as the concept is developed this may change. This attractive revolver will be available in both .22 LR and .22 Magnum and while it wears smooth rosewood grips, any of NAA’s grips will work nicely. The gun’s striking appearance should appeal to any discriminating shooter, but I suspect Cowboy Action shooters will find this mini irresistible.

Tactical Mini-Revolver: When Hornady introduced its low-muzzle-flash .22 WRM Critical Defense load, which produces ballistic gelatin effects similar to those of the .380 Critical Defense, I noticed that the 45-grain FTX bullet’s specifications were from a 1.87-inch barrel, bringing to mind NAA’s revolvers. The second NAA concept revolver is the “tactical mini-revolver,” which is designed to take advantage of loads such as the Hornady Critical Defense.

Built of matte-finished 17-4 stainless steel, the concept tactical mini-revolver has a front sight milled from the barrel and includes a dimple for the addition of colored paint. The revolver wears recoil-control, rubber cobblestone grips and has a barrel in the 2-inch range, which, as an increase from NAA’s traditional 1.62-inch barrels, makes the best use of loads like Hornady’s.

But barrel length alone does not make a revolver “tactical.” This wheelgun also comes with a LaserLyte laser sight that replaces the tactical mini’s cylinder pin! With a barrel sized to match a potent load, grips to provide recoil control and a laser sight to maximize accuracy and provide quick sight pictures, it’s obvious why this weapon is designated the “tactical”! It is sure to find a home in many pockets. For more information, visit or call 800-821-5783.

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