Taking its name from the Raccoon, the Lotor S.E.R.E Knife is a tool with multiple talents.

As a Survival knife, it’s 5″ long multiple grind angle blade offers a strong point while maintaining excellent slicing and working edge geometry that makes wilderness cutting chores much easier. The spine of the blade features a coarse, push-cutting rasp for notching trap triggers, cutting non-ferrous metals, and scaling fish.

Optional lashing holes at the hilt and pommel allow the knife to be tied to a strong shaft and implemented as a spear for survival in territory where predatory animals might abound. As an Escape tool, in addition to the rasp, the pommel of the “Lotor” features a cold chisel designed to pierce and shear through aluminum aircraft fuselage; again, the heavy duty point of the “Lotor” may be used as a tool to pierce objects that would be damaging to knives with similar cutting edge geometry. Efforts of resistance in hostile environments can be accomplished with the help of the “Lotor”; as a fighting knife, it maintains neutral balance, comfortable standard and reverse grip ergonomics, and an integral hilt to prevent the hand from sliding forward during piercing strikes.

The “Lotor” is available for order now, and is available in Austempered 1095 steel, with standard Electroless Nickel corrosion proofing and Cerakote for a tactical finish. The “Lotor” may also be ordered in S35V Stainless steel, or CPM3V tool steel at additional cost. Handle options will include: Textured G10, and Canvas Micarta or Linen Micarta of various colors.

Blade Length: 5 Inches
Handle Length: 4.5 Inches
Overall Length; 11 Inches
Weight: 12.25 Ounces
MSRP: $300

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Taking its name from the Raccoon, the Lotor S.E.R.E Knife is a tool with…